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Jen was instrumental to our turnaround, bringing her amazing experience at both small technology companies and in global talent roles. 

CEO, Tech 

One of the smartest and most proactive HR and Talent leaders I have worked with. She has a highly professional, yet very approachable style, coupled with a very strategic focus and this enabled her to help to drive significant change. 

Global Tech Leader

Jennifer is a true visionary - I can think of no other leader in HR who has the ability to skillfully combine big picture business strategy with innovation and creativity so well. She excels in bringing a big, bold vision to life, especially in uncharted territory.

Sr. Talent Advisor

Against the backdrop of the incredibly busy, constantly changing environment of a startup, Jennifer created a vision for HR and a strategy for recruiting in an aggressively competitive talent market. Working with Jennifer made it possible to literally hire hundreds of people into the company, and to ensure the candidate experience and new hire experience was a positive one. 

Sr. Talent Professional

Are you looking for results? Then look no further as Jenn delivers!

Sr Talent Executive, Finance

Jennifer is a true Talent HR professional who relates to both the Corporate responsibilities and goals but knows how to leverage the energy, passions and goals of the workforce. Her experience and leadership qualities are very special and not always easy to find in the technology HR world.

Tech Exec & Sales Advisor

You are uniquely able to take on future-oriented challenges. You lead the way to visionary
possibilities and create what others said couldn’t be done.

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